Stanley M. Jacobs - Certified Public Accountant

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“Stan Jacobs helped to put my finances in order and gave me a sense of financial direction. His hands-on approach is refreshing and personal. Stan takes the time to learn about my business – making his advice that much more valued.”
Mark D. Reed, President,
First Impression Printing, Inc.


Personalized service is everything when it comes to our individual tax clients. Our reputation is for attention to detail and one-on-one service.

There are plenty of websites and pop-up tax providers that can file a tax return. But, when it comes to taxes, the real value is in the advanced planning. We encourage you to call us throughout the year regarding life events and decisions so that we can determine and explain what the tax consequences may be.

Also, please call to ask for advice. There are no silly questions. Our clients appreciate that we listen to their concerns and that we check – and double-check – to ensure that we get things right the first time.

Our clients trust our advice, and many of them have worked with us for years. When a client has a need that is outside our areas of expertise, we are happy to make an introduction to an advisor who can help. We have invested significant time maintaining relationships with professionals such as attorneys, financial planners, and insurance brokers who can assist you with every aspect of your personal financial needs.